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Media & Hard Drive Destruction
Fast - Secure

Tech Recyclers is now offering hard drive destruction in New Jersey. Dispose of your obsolete hard drives and media while protecting your company’s data and information. Security you can trust and see plus the convenience of fast on-site services.

This service is optimal for businesses needing to comply with HIPAA and FACTA or any privacy mandates requiring complete destruction of media containing private and confidential information. On-site and off-site destruction options are fully compliant with Department of Defense (DOD) 5220.22-M National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitation.

Why Choose Tech Recyclers?

Our mobile destruction inflicts permanent damage to hard drives & media rendering any stored information completely unobtainable. 12,000 lbs of force in a steady crushing motion safely punches through the chassis guaranteeing the internal hard disk will never spin again and destroying your data.

We can destroy all data or media drives, regardless of their size, format or type. Each destruction takes approximately 15 seconds to complete, with entire jobs completed fast!

A client representative may witness all on-site destruction services to ensure all company standards and security protocols are met.

When on-site destruction is complete, all hard drives and media are transported back to our secure warehouse and processed through EPA R2 recycling standards. Certificates of Destruction may be requested and will be provided in 1-2 weeks from date of destruction services.

*Please ask at time of drop-off, pick-up, or scheduling if you or your business require Certificates of Data Descruction.